Boot Camp to Mozilla

It’s been a while. But like they say, “Better late than never!”. The concept of the Mozilla Foundation has always fascinated me, in terms of it’s approach to make the “web” more open and friendly to both developers and users. My first interaction with the Moz community  was at the FSMK’s Summer Camp at JVIT(Maker Party). There were couple of interesting things that struck me, one was the FirefoxOS device and the other was that the whole community was a huge open source enthusiast.


Poster. Courtesy, Sandesh Gade

Can you believe almost 40% of an actual phone’s operating system being written by developers and volunteers like you and me? Mind-boggling, right! It was then that the idea to boot a Firefox club at college took shape in mind. After a good round of discussions with the interested lot, we thought the time had come to join the party.

It was on the 28th of February and with a whooping registrations of about 150 people, we were ready to host the show on the big day. I have no doubt that the amazing poster for the said event had a huge role to play in gathering people. Frankly, it was my maiden attempt to cater to such a huge crowd and without the help of Sadesh Gade and Arjav Jain ( co-club leads) it wouldn’t have been as cool as it was.


Mr. Galaxy’s talk on Firefox and FSA

Let’s get to the specifics then. We were honored to have midst us, Mr. Galaxy Kadiyala a Mozilla Rep Mentor who gave us a brilliant insight into Mozilla Foundation as an organization. About the FSA( Firefox Student Ambassador Program), the various Webmaker tools and it’s activities, his presentation was brilliant. There were a lot of questions about why Firefox, and what’s there in it for grad students which were answered with much passion by him.

That was followed by a presentation on FirefoxOS by Sandesh and Abhiram.  It included an insight into the basic structure of a Firefox App, it’s architecture and applications. There was a huge round of applause and enthusiasm when it was announced that people were eligible to get a Firefox OS device if they successfully push an app to the marketplace. By the way, the Firefox Marketplace is the one-place store for all apps for the FirefoxOS device. Next was the App-demo of TRVLR, a simple travel app so as to show the various features provided by the OS.


Sandesh and Abhiram’s app-demo of TRVLR

Like any Mozilla event, swags were given to all those who took part. With the PESITBSC Firefox Club, officially booted looking forward to many more events in the coming days! And I’m sure each one will be unique.



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Adios from the organizing team! From left to right: Arjav , Siddharth, Galaxy, Sandesh and Abhiram